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Jumbled Gears And Pieces Don't Make A Clock Work
own protect grow® Training Works Like Clockwork

Could you build a clock from a jumble of the wrong pieces?

Building A Clock Without Knowing How The Pieces Fit Together Is Like Building An IP Portfolio Without Experienced IP Counsel.

I'm an advocate for entrepreneurs, especially early startup entrepreneurs. That's why I'm a co.Starters facilitator helping startups focus on their customer. That's why I chair the board of the Tampa Bay Innovation Center, which operates an incubator for startups. That's why I created IPmasterclass Pilot, for you, the early stage entrepreneur.

I appreciate what a difference small businesses make, especially in the Tampa Bay region of Florida. Small business owners take risks and provide innovative and creative products and services. I know that being an entrepreneur isn't easy. It's stressful. IPmasterclass Pilot can reduce your stress and give you peace of mind about your startup's most valuable assets, its intellectual property or IP. 

IPmasterclass Pilot will answer questions that you didn't even know that you had. I don't waste your valuable time with fluff, but get right to the point. Your fieldwork each week will invest as little as 1 hour of your week, but you'll reap huge rewards. The own protect grow® training will free you to collaborate with others, sharing your vision, because your startup will own its IP rights. Imagine not having to stress about that! You'll have peace of mind that you're doing the right thing when it comes to your IP, because what you do will be thought through and will work together. 

Plus, I'll share my simple hacks that will "blow up" the value of your IP!

The own protect grow® training is all about you, saving you, the entrepreneur, time and money, while doing what is necessary to grow the value of the IP that your startup will own. 

What are you waiting for?

I've been helping companies for almost two decades, and I've seen way too many entrepreneurs pay a heavy price for waiting too long to seek help, or taking advice from an unqualified peer, mentor or attorney inexperienced in IP law.

What is the #1 reason? The cost of experienced IP legal counsel! That's why I have distilled down what all startups need to do into IPmasterclass' own protect grow® tutorials and templates.

There's No Reason To Wait!

Starting at just $397* you'll get access to IP masterclass and own your company's IP by spending about an hour per week following step-by-easy-step own protect grow® tutorials. You'll create customized agreements for your company using own protect grow® templates. 

Complete the weekly tutorial in about an hour to start building your IP portfolio. Then submit your fieldwork and participate in a liveQ&A session. Make sure that your company owns IP created by you, youremployees, contractors, vendors, co-founders or anyone else.

I Won't Waste Your Valuable Time. If You Complete Each Module When Provided , In A Few Weeks You'll Own Your Brand, Copyrights In Works Of Authorship, Trade Secrets And More. I'll Keep Adding Courses For Protecting And Growing The Value Of Your IP based on your feedback Too. 
Let's say you pay a web developer to build a website, including content, logos, designs... Unless you hire this person as an employee working within the scope of his or her employment, you don't own the website's IP! If you want to own your up, sign up now!

Often, small businesses use contractors or employees are working outside the scope of their day-to-day employment when creating content, making discoveries or contributing to the conception of inventions. That's normal in any small business. That means most small businesses do NOT own the IP created for the company by others.

Too many times I've seen that exact scenario come back to haunt a startup, just as it gains traction and starts making real money. Cash flow at this point is the biggest problem faced by small businesses. When someone else owns the copyrights, the domain names, maybe even your brand itself. That can be a costly problem. Some startups in this position become toxic to investors. Few investors want to invest in a company with a ongoing dispute about who owns the IP.

Why not avoid headaches later by getting your IP right, right now? You can't afford not to sign up if you are a serious entrepreneur.
Founders, developers and mentors can think you should pay them for past contributions at the worst times. 

Disputes from past contributors can hold up important deals, just when your startup needs cash for rapid revenue growth. At best these untimely disputes leave money on the table, because your company won't be worth as much to investors or buyers, if it doesn't have free and clear title to ALL of its IP! Shouldn't you be planning for success from the beginning? After all, isn't one of the reasons that you became an entrepreneur is to build value of a business that you own? If you don't take steps to own its IP, then you don't own the most valuable assets of your business, someone else does.

rule of thumb: the sooner you take care of any IP issues, the less costly the remedy will be. Start right. Join the IPmasterclass pilot!

I understand that urgent can overtake important!

But if you don't own your IP, someone else does! And that can mean big trouble! Big trouble that you could have avoided with as little as one hour per week.

IPmasterclass is made for busy entrepreneurs like you that don't want to become IP masters and just need to master your IP without breaking your budget. 

Imagine how it will feel, knowing that you OWN the IP being created for your startup. You'll be able to get help without worrying about losing IP rights to unscrupulous investors, volunteers, independent contractors and employees. 

Check out the money back guarantee. What have you got to lose?
You Don't want to be the entrepreneur working years to build a brand and just when it gets traction and becomes valuable... 
Boom! Someone files a lawsuit, because your business failed to own its IP. 
Why take the risk when $397* and about an hour A week for 10 weeks, or so, can prevent just this type of calamity from holding up an important deal, investment or sale?