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Additional Services

If you need additional services, we are happy to help. 

For example, we can help you with setting up paid, best-practices alerts through Thomson Reuters, if you want more targeted alerts for your trademarks and patents! We charge an administrative fee of $100.00 to setup an alert with Thomson Reuters, which will delivered directly to you, with a copy to Paradies IP.  

Need to purchase a search report through Thomson Reuters? We can help you with that, too! Again, we charge an administrative fee of $100.00, but the total charge for a single class in the U.S. is normally less than $630.00, which is less than you would pay if you did it yourself, probably. 

Alert Setup

Paid members! Initially, we will set up your alerts for you, based on default criteria, but you can change these defaults at any time by contacting us. 

Why set up an alert?

Simple. You need to jealously guard your intellectual property (IP).

If you have a renewal coming up, you want to know about it.

If someone else starts using your mark or a confusingly similar mark, then you want to know about it.

If your customers or competitors start to use your mark improperly, then you want to know about it.

If a patent publishes that could affect your ability to make, use and sell your products and services, you want to know about it.

Setup Docketing Reminders

You should always set up your own docketing and reminder system, but our docketing and reminders can help you to remember important due dates for trademarks and patents, such as annuity dates, maintenance fee dates and renewal dates. We've got your back! 

Don't forget to add the domain to your never block list in Outlook (or your other email service).

Your alerts will be managed by person, not a computer interface. Eileen, a trained, international IP paralegal will be in contact with you to get the information to set up your reminders. She might use a survey to collect some information, but if you have trouble completing the survey, she will contact you directly by email or telephone to complete your setup. We think that you will like this personal touch.