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IPmasterclass has been created for serious entrepreneurs that are planning to succeed. There's no excuse for not owning your startup's secret sauce (or sauces).

Chris Paradies

  • Florida Bar certified IP
  • US reg. patent attorney
  • co.Starters facilitator
  • 2014 Tampa Bay Region Volunteer of the Year, Florida Economic Development Council

IPmasterclass is a program presented by me, Chris Paradies, a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney.

When I checked, there were only 140 Florida Bar certified IP attorneys listed on the Florida Bar website. Many work for big corporations.

There are more than 400,000 small businesses with employees in Florida.

Even if every one of the 140 certified IP attorneys was available to work with small businesses, there wouldn't be nearly enough. Right?

That's why experienced, qualified IP attorneys can bill at more than $500 per hour!

The investment that you make in IPmasterclass will save thousands in legal fees and costs by avoiding what I call the "scatter gun" approach to IP.

That's usually what happens when entrepreneurs go to traditional law firms for help with protecting their IP.  

Why am I different?  It comes from being a small business advocate, from serving for years as a co.Starters facilitator and from serving at a nonprofit incubator. I get it!

By completing IPmasterclass, you will master your company's IP, without having to become an IP master.

Years ago, I started small business IP training as a live, in-person workshop called The IP Workshop. I saw how reaching entrepreneurs early kept them from making the #1 Mistake that I was seeing over and over again in my law practice.

A few years ago, I started testing out online platforms for delivering the content I created for The IP Workshop.

I wasn't satisfied with YouTube videos or online information-only courses. If you've tried any of them, you know that they don't work for busy people with too much to do already.

IPmasterclass is different. I come alongside your business, and I hold you accountable for getting the work done.

Not only do you save tons of money, but also your company will truly OWN its IP ... its "secret sauce" ... its most valuable asset that will create wealth, even when you're not working.

You'll master your IP without having to become an IP master.

IPmasterclass Pilot leverages technology to provide own protect grow┬« online video training, useful resources and live online Q&A sessions.

IPmasterclass culminates years of effort creating an alternative to the failing big law model that doesn't work for small businesses. 

There's no risk in setting up free strategy session.

If we determine that IPmasterclass is a good fit for you, I'll be all in.

Sure, you'll learn important startup hacks you won't find anywhere else that can help "blow up" the value of your IP. That's a given, but there is so much more. 

I'll do everything that I can to make sure that you succeed.

That's why I'm offering a money back guarantee for those entrepreneurs that complete the program and aren't satisfied. 

Just exercise this guarantee within 30 days of completing IPmasterclass, and Paradies IP Solutions, LLC will refund your money.

So, what have you got to lose (except all of your startup's most valuable assets if you do nothing).

There are weekly Q&A sessions in a private group or live event where I receive feedback from you and answer your questions. If you want the guarantee, you need to participate in these events and complete all of your fieldwork. Accountability is an important component of successfully completing the program.

IPmasterclass takes you step-by-step through my own protect grow┬« training with accountability and weekly Q&A sessions to help you make progress.

You'll learn what needs to be done and why, and you'll immediately implement your own, unique IP strategy. 

Completing "fieldwork" implements your IP strategy. It's super important to your startup's success. 


IPmasterclass Fieldwork Helps you master your IP in as little as one hour per week .

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