How Do I Grow IP?

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Nearly 80% of the value of companies listed on the S&P 500 is intangibles. This was not always the case.

40 years ago, intangibles made up less than 20% and 80% were tangible assets. Intangible assets is the broadest definition for intellectual property or "IP". 

The truth is that the value of innovative companies is eclipsing traditional brick and mortar companies in this age of innovation.

So, don't even consider growing the value of your company without considering the value of your intellectual property.  

Once you've found your secret sauce and own it, then protect IP that builds a hedge of protection around your secret sauce.

Finally, tell your unforgettable story and watch your business valuegrow!

Good Will 

"Good will" is a type of IP that increases the value of your company, and its protectable. 

Extraordinary customer service and customer satisfaction creates your unforgettable story and generates good will.

It's possible to transfer value from other IP assets to build the value of your company's good will, also.


If your an innovator, your innovation might easily be your secret sauce.

Of course you'll have to transfer the value of your innovation using your unforgettable story. 

Expanding Territory

It's also possible to expand your brand in additional markets to generate additional revenue... 

IP can help establish and protect your brand worldwide. 

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