Chris Paradies

Who am I?

I'm Chris Paradies, a Florida Bar certified intellectual property Attorney and U.S. Reg. Patent Attorney, founder of Paradies® law and creator of the IPscaling process.

I chair the board of directors for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center and serve as a facilitator in a course helping small business owners get started right. 

I work hard as an advocate for small business owners and have received awards and recognition for support of small business economic development and leadership in technology.

My clients successfully startup small businesses and change lives in the process.

I'm a West Point graduate, U.S. Army veteran and entrepreneur. I'm not afraid to stand up and say that the Big Law model is broken and doesn't serve entrepreneurs well.

Until now, the alternatives were even worse.

IP legal services is a market ripe for disruptive change. And I'm willing to take the lead.

I've given free IP advice to entrepreneurs at “Startup Exchange” meetups and am an author and speaker on small business innovation.

As a facilitator for a business canvas course, I help artists in Saint Petersburg startup new business concepts. 

As a Christian, a husband and a father to two sons, I care about my community, state and nation.

I want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to successfully startup and own small businesses, because small businesses are essential to our constitutional republic and liberty.

Entrepreneurs change lives.

Education & Experience

I earned a bachelor of science degree at West Point, a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a law degree summa cum laude at the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Touro Law Center.

I've worked as a visiting scientist in Norway, postdoc at Ecole Polytechnique in Switzerland, senior technical specialist at Northrop Grumman and for almost two decades as an IP attorney.

I've worked in Big Law in New York City and Tampa, Florida. I've owned my own law firm. Now, is the time ... the time to bring real change ... the time for a proven solution ... the time for iPscaling.

Awards & Recognition

  • Recipient of the 2014 Heroes at Work award from the Tampa Bay Business Journal
  • Tampa Bay Region Volunteer of the Year Awardee in 2014 by the Florida Economic Development Council (FEDC)
  • Outstanding Leadership Finalist by Tampa Bay Tech (tbt).
  • Chaired the Advanced Medicine & Human Performance Sector at the Tampa Bay Partnership
  • Served as Vice Chair of tbt

Here's the deal. It doesn't matter how much I have done in the past. I've barely scratched the surface of the need. 

There are more that half a million companies, just in Florida alone, that need the help of a Florida Bar certified IP attorney.

There were only 140 Florida Bar certified IP attorneys, when I checked in the beginning of 2019.

I can do the math. That's more than 3000 clients per board certified IP attorney in Florida.

No attorney can work one-on-one with a tenth that many clients under the top heavy, inefficient big law model.

So, I'm sure that small businesses in Florida are going without a qualified IP attorney. 

In fact, I've seen the disastrous results, when owners of small businesses come to me looking for help, sometimes far too late.

I've seen small business owners sued avoidably, some without the ability to survive a lawsuit.

I've seen the loss of valuable IP rights through neglect.

I've seen the wasted money chasing IP rights that failed to add any value to a small business.

But there is hope.

iPscaling has been designed from the ground up to work for entrepreneurs.

It's proven process can 10X the value of your business in 10 weeks, without taking you away from your business.

It's been designed for busy entrepreneurs to complete in as little as 1 hour per week, and it's scalable. iPscaling can help thousands of entrepreneurs and can grow with the demand.

You won't have to become an IP master or pay endless Big Law fees to master your company's IP. You learn how to manage your IP, and iPscaling helps you every step of the way.

I'm so excited to finally offer entrepreneurs a proven, efficient way to discover your secret sauce, build a hedge of protection around it, and grow the value of your business using IP. 

Schedule your FREE 30-minute consult and find out if IPmasterclass is right for your business.