#1 Thing Every Startup Should Do

#1 -- OWN Your Startup's "secret sauce" and Transfer the Value to Your Brand!

The experts are right to say that the "new" economy is an innovation economy, and an innovation economy is IP-centric. It's your ideas and how you implement those ideas that matters. But, to get anything done, you have to share ideas and disclose your vision to others.

In order to figure out if your idea is actually going to work, it’s essential that you share it with people, Joel Gascoigne, CEO, Buffer

Keeping everything a secret is so...  1950's. But how do you "share" without losing everything to some unscrupulous investor, employee, vendor or even a competitor? That's where owning your intellectual property comes in. You need a plan that combines contract, trademark, copyright, trade secret and patent law to keep your company from trouble and to build  equity.

Let me ask you a simple question. Do you want someone else to own your company's most valuable assets and control how and when you can use them? Your most valuable assets, the know-how, brands and creative works can be protected under intellectual property law. 

Intellectual property law is often referred to as "IP".  

As an entrepreneur, you should want your company to own everything! If you can't practically own everything, you should at least make sure that you OWN your company's most valuable IP, its "secret sauce". What is your secret sauce? It's what gives your business an edge over competitors. 

Now, I don't know what your particular startup's secret sauce is. But I do know, If your startup doesn't own it, then someone else does! And you'd be better off working as a "human resource". At least you would be receiving regular paychecks.

What gives you an edge over your competitors. Maybe its a distinctive benefit that your product or service provides to your customers?

I've helped hundreds of small businesses to startup and protect their most valuable assets, as a co.Starters small business startup facilitator, U.S. registered patent attorney, Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and small business advocate. 

I've designed the own protect grow® training of IPmasterclass Pilot for busy entrepreneurs to master their IP, without having to become an IP master. And even a startup can afford it. No serious entrepreneur can afford to ignore the most valuable assets of his or her startup.

Wouldn't it be great to have a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and US registered patent attorney as a coach on your company's team as you take steps to protect your IP?

Who Does IPmasterclass Pilot  training benefit?

Every Startup Entrepreneur Will Benefit From This Pilot, Even If You Can Afford To Pay An  Attorney  To Represent You.
Take Victor.

I'll call him Victor, but he's a composite, a typical entrepreneur with a great niche product or service that does something that benefits his customers. He used to work in corporate America, but now his main competitors are big corporations. His niche is too small, at this point, for the "bigs" to be threatened by him. He's underfunded but finds a way to start smaller and uses his revenue to grow his business from nothing. His wife and family have invested in the launch of his business.

Victor worked hard to build his business, and it's finally beginning to pay off!

"Victor" has to choose between "Rock Dr. and  Hard Pl." You have a better option.

Unfortunately, Victor neglected his company's IP. He hired contractors and employees and didn't bother to do what was necessary to own the IP created by them for his company. He's got serious problems.

One employee that he trained and put in a position of trust left a few months back. Victor's best customers are telling him that his former trusted employee is soliciting their business, at a price point lower than Victor's price for the same product or service. Less loyal customers have stopped buying from Victor, and new business is drying up. He goes to a big law firm and asks if he can sue his former employee.

If only Victor had participated in the own protect grow® training, he could have built a hedge of protection around his business' "secret sauce". Litigation might not have been necessary. If it was, a favorable outcome would have been much more likely. 

As it is, Victor is faced with a long and expensive slog through state court litigation or is facing competition on price and performance against his former employee's new company.

Victor Doesn't Have the $50,000 Retainer Requested By A Big Law Firm. "What Can I Do?" Asks Victor.

Of course, as an advocate for small business, I feel awful for entrepreneurs like Victor. I see way too many of them. That's why I'm offering IPmasterclass Pilot at a price even a startup can afford. 

What Is IPmasterclass Pilot?

chris Paradies

  • Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney
  • US registered patent attorney
  • co.Starters facilitator
  • 2014 Tampa Bay Regional Volunteer of the Year, Florida Economic Development Council

IPmasterclass Pilot own protect grow® training is practical, online training presented by me, Chris Paradies, a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney. When I checked, there were only 140 Florida Bar certified IP attorneys listed on the Florida Bar website. Fewer still are also US registered patent attorneys. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of small businesses with employees. So, I'm confident many of you aren't working with a Florida Bar certified IP attorney.

Even if you are, you'll still benefit from this 10-week pilot.

First, you'll save a bundle by avoiding "scatter gun IP". Scatter gun IP is when a company tries to protect everything, but its budget won't allow for it. The result is money thrown away on marginally beneficial IP, while IP capable of securing the "secret sauce" goes ignored.

Second, you'll have the peace of mind that only comes from finally understanding the why! You'll know how to protect your IP, and you'll know why it needs to be protected. You'll own your company's IP. So, you can control your future.

Why Chris Paradies?

You see. I'm also a certified co.Starters facilitator and chair of the Tampa Bay Innovation Center. I've taught and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs starting up innovative and creative companies. That's helped me learn how to present IP law in a way that most entrepreneurs can understand, and that's pretty unusual for an IP attorney / patent attorney with a Ph.D. and a J.D. I promise you; you won't have to have your pocket legal reference dictionary with you.

You Can Master Your company's IP, without having to become an IP master.

Many years ago, I started this training as a live, in-person workshop called "The IP Workshop". A couple of years ago, I started testing out online platforms for delivering content that was created over the years. 

I wasn't satisfied with YouTube or online information-only platforms. If you've tried any of them, you know that they don't work for busy people with too much to do already. Busy entrepreneurs need resources that are easy to use, help on how to use the resources, and accountability to make sure that everything gets done.

IPmasterclass Pilot leverages new technology to provide online video content, useful resources and live online Q&A sessions to provide a solution for entrepreneurs that want to own their company's "secret sauce" and other important IP.

IPmasterclass Pilot is the culmination of years of effort creating an alternative to the failing big law model that doesn't work for small businesses. No more "scatter gun" approach to IP!

Should You Sign Up?

If you sign up for IPmasterclass Pilot, you'll be assigned "fieldwork" based on step-by-step instructions. The pilot's modules are released over a period of 10 weeks, and your fieldwork may take you as little as an hour per week to complete.

I encourage everyone, even if you think that you've already taken care of a particular aspect, to watch each of the videos each week. I give startup hacks you won't find from other attorneys that can help "blow up" the value of your IP, especially if IP hasn't been your most important priority previously.

Every startup entrepreneur will benefit from this pilot, even if you can afford to pay a Florida Bar certified IP attorney to represent you. If you don't agree, I'm offering a money back guarantee for those entrepreneurs that complete the pilot and are not satisfied with the training. See my IP masterclass 100% money back guarantee in the panel image. 

So, what have you got to lose (except all of your startup's most valuable assets if you do nothing).

Exercise this guarantee within 30 days of completing the IPmasterclass Pilot, by attending the Q&A sessions and completing Your Fieldwork. 

Q&A Sessions

There are weekly Q&A sessions in a private group or live event where I receive feedback from you and answer your questions. This is a pilot, which means the modules are not set in stone. If you're ready to succeed, participate in the Q&A sessions and complete all of your fieldwork.


Accountability is an important component of successfully completing the program. I know you'll want to complete your fieldwork, because this is where you take action to own your company's IP. That's the benefit of IPmasterclass Pilot's own protect grow® training. 

And it's affordable enough even for a startup. So, there's no excuse for not owning your company's "secret sauce".

How much does it cost?

How much did it cost Victor to do nothing? I estimate it could cost nearly $10,000 to do everything that you do in IPmasterclass Pilot by hiring a competent IP attorney.

So, the $397 price of IPmasterclass Pilot is a tremendous bargain. I've presented different pieces of the pilot program in different venues over the years, but I've never presented a program as comprehensive as this one. Although I'm working hard to avoid any bugs, there'll probably be some technical glitches, and I'm counting on your feedback during the pilot to determine what should be added or eliminated from IPmasterclass. You'll let me know if I'm going to fast, or if I'm spending too much time covering something that you already get. 

So, you benefit twice. First, I'm offering the pilot at this low introductory price. It'll never cost less. Second, you'll have my attention during the pilot. It'll be like having a Florida bar certified intellectual property attorney on our team.

I couldn't be more excited about getting started. The first module of the pilot has been released. I call this week 0, because you can always make up this module.

But I need you to sign up before week 1 Q&A, which is scheduled for March 22d**. So, as of now, I'm closing down sign-up on Wednesday, March 20th**.

Don't delay and miss this opportunity.

One entrepreneur called my training "life changing."

Don't risk forgetting. Sign up today using the Get Started Now! button .

**subject to change, depending on the collective needs of participants


IPmasterclass Pilot

Each week you'll take simple steps to really OWN your startup's most valuable assets.Then, you can join weekly, online Q&A sessions, and get your questions answered. Master your startup's intellectual property without having to become an IP master, yourself.

Learn how secrets, brands, inventions, works of authorship and domain names may be protected and combined to add value to your startup.


IPmasterclass Pilot

Each IPmasterclass Pilot module takes you step-by-step through own protect grow® training.

You'll learn what needs to be done and why, and you'll immediately implement your IP strategy by following the training and using practical resources to complete your fieldwork. Completing the fieldwork is important to your startup's success.

Upon completion of a module, you'll have taken the next step in owning your startup's IP.  For example, you may complete your first trademark search or create a custom agreement. Each concrete step builds value in your IP portfolio and creates equity in your startup.

Are you ready?


Your IPmasterclass fieldwork could take as little as an hour per week for your startup to OWN its IP!
Benefit from an extraordinarily low price of just $397, less than value of a single agreement, and receive access to weekly live Q&A sessions with Chris Paradies during this IPmasterclass Pilot. 

IPmasterclass Pilot


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