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Proven iPscaling Process Puts Your IP to Work Growing Your Business! 


Do you own a small business or startup? Is it innovative or creative? Do your customers consider you an expert? Then, you've come to the right place.

Now, not every business has a "secret sauce".

Some business owners just execute better or are just better at closing sales. If you're into MLM or a franchisee, then iPscaling's not for you! 

If your customers get Value from your expertise, innovation or creativity, then iPscaling is for you.

Hi, Chris Paradies here. I'm a small business advocate.

Chris Paradies
IP authority

What is the #1 Mistake that I've seen entrepreneurs make as a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney?

So, you know how there are entrepreneurs that create new ways to solve their customer's problems but then fail to protect their “secret sauce”?

And because they don't, someone steals their ideas … their intellectual property or “IP”

                    ... and then saturates the market with cheap copycat offers, which kills their brand, leaving them feeling totally betrayed and powerless to scale their business.

Well, I've helped hundreds of businesses rapidly grow in value using a simple 3-step process:

  • Find Your "Secret Sauce"; 
  • Protect It Using IP; and
  • Scale Your Business Without Fear.

The best thing about what I call the own protect grow® process is that entrepreneurs can help their customers solve problems and free themselves from trading their time for money, without fear of losing control of their valuable IP.

When you truly OWN your IP, you can protect it before scaling your business! 

I've seen what happens when startups DON'T protect their "secret sauce" BEFORE sharing their Recipe...

      ...it's not pretty.

If YOU don't value your IP, then NOBODY will. 

If you know what your "secret sauce" is and value it enough to take steps to protect it, it'll build value for your brand, create equity in your business, and drive your sales. 

You can learn from other's mistakes ...    or you can repeat them.

Learn From Victoria's Mistake...

Don't get stuck between Rock Dr. and Hard Pl.

Victoria* built her online consulting business from scratch, based on what she learned from hard personal experience struggling to grow a successful agency.

When Victoria's agency was up and running, she started helping other smaller agencies, for free, and was shocked to see how many benefited from taking her advice.

People really valued "Her Way" of running an agency.  It wasn't long before Victoria started offering paid consulting services teaching others what she had done.

Then, she systematized it, put up a catchy ad targeting mom's that owned agencies, really zoomed in on their struggles, and her sales spiked!

Turns out...  a lot of agency owners had been struggling trying to do it the old way while balancing needs of their family and Her Way was just what they needed.

Victoria hired her first employee for the consulting business after only 6 months. "Jane" was hired to help close sales and to make sure that client's made progress. She really took to it.

Sales doubled every 6 months. Victoria kept hiring admin and sales staff as her high ticket consulting business grew. 

She wasn't really concerned when Jane left on short notice. Truth be told, it was a relief. Jane's performance had been slipping, and she didn't really get along with the rest of the sales team all that well.

For the first time, consulting sales were stagnant, but Victoria's new follow-on programs and new offers made up the difference.  

Only when Victoria heard from one of her most loyal clients that her former employee solicited their business did Victoria put two and two together.  Jane was selling services identical to Victoria's for much less. Victoria felt completely betrayed.

Then, Jane called some former clients. They confessed that Jane had approached them BEFORE leaving Victoria's business. (No wonder Jane's performance was slipping!)

Victoria might have sued, but she hadn't done anything to protect her secrets. Her lawyer said it would be 50-50 at best...   (and Victoria hates confrontation).

Victoria obviously had "secret sauce" and COULD have protected it BEFORE sharing the recipe with Jane and others. Her Way was so different than the old way of doing business. 

AND by respecting her OWN IP, others would have respected it too.

Victoria was just so busy, and didn't know who to ask for advice. 

Now, Victoria had competition, and it wasn't long before she started seeing Jane's ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, google...  everywhere! 

If Victoria ever wanted to exit her business, it just lost a HUGE part of it's value, a big part of it's BRAND identity as Victoria's exlcusive IP.

Do you want employees to stealing your secrets?

Do you want to feel betrayed like Victoria?

If YOU don't value your secret sauce enough to legally protect it, NOBODY will! 

The good news is that if you DO value your "secret sauce", then my experience shows that others will also. You won't need to sue to protect the value of your business.

Small businesses that know what their secret sauce is build an "indelible brand story" around it. An indelible brand story is unforgettable.

An indelible brand story drives SALES and attracts the RIGHT customers and employees.

YOUR customers will know, like and trust you, because they identify with your indelible brand story!  

Do you want to protect your business from nasty surprises, like loss of IP rights (and value) and IP lawsuits? Why would you face the unnecessary risk of neglecting intellectual property or "IP"?

Not enough time?

With my proven own protect grow® process, I've made it super easy for you to own EVERYTHING and AVOID infringement in about 10 hours, while you discover what your "secret sauce" truly is.

Not enough money? 

That's no reason either. The investment needed for iPscaling OPG is significant...

                                ...but it will save you $10's of thousands in legal fees doing it the old way.

Let's face it. The big law model has never worked for small business. I used to be a shareholder with a corner office in one of the biggest law firms in Tampa.

While the money was good, I didn't like it. 

I like working with small business owners, especially creative and innovative entrepreneurs, because entrepreneurs change lives.

Big law partners have big law fees that only big corporate clients can pay.

Need to get everything done immediately?

You're not alone. Big law firms can take months to get you what you need.

Join iPscaling OPG, and I'll work with you one-on-one to get you what you need right away! Then, we'll work to implement the rest of your IP plan. 

Protect your "secret sauce" BEFORE sharing your recipe. -- Chris Paradies

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Intangibles "IP" Create VALUE & Build EQUITY

"Intangibles" (IP) Dominate Business Value!

Only in the sectors of utilities, energy and materials do tangible assets amount to more than half of the total assets, i.e. "total enterprise value" (TEV).

IP is "Intangible" but the VALUE is Real!

In this "age of innovation" the percentage of intangible assets of companies listed on the S&P 500 has increased from 17% in 1975 to 84% in 2015. 


Do you THINK you OWN your company's most valuable assets? 

If your company's innovation is just average for the S&P 500, then its intangible assets are worth 4X as much as its tangible assets.

Are you like Victoria, focusing on customers, products and revenue to the exclusion of all else?

Every innovator or creative entrepreneur that has ever found SUCCESS (or will find it) has something SPECIAL.

That something special is what I refer to as "SECRET SAUCE". We can find yours.

Knowing and protecting your secret sauce makes the difference between wildly SUCCESSFUL businesses and the wannabe's, also rans and pretenders.

Your secret sauce delivers VALUE to your customers.

Your secret sauce is PROTECTABLE!

It's easy, if you know how.

iPscaling's own protect grow® process

The proven process that I refer to as own protect grow® starts with discovery. Together, we will find out what your "secret sauce" is.

It's not always obvious, and too many entrepreneurs miss it.

Don't trade your time for money.

If you're an entrepreneur, then you're building a brand, whether that brand is personal, company, product or service focused.

You don't want to be just trading your time for money. You're building something bigger than yourself!

iPscaling may be thought of as a three-step process:

  • OWN: identify the "secret sauce" & capture its value as a core asset.
  • PROTECT: build a hedge of protection around this core asset using IP.
  • GROW: harness this core asset & watch your business GROW!


iPscaling does the heavy lifting by building your Indelible Brand Story, driving sales growth.

Want to have customers knocking down your doors (figurativley - not literally). 

Or do you want to know some alternatives to iPscaling? GO HERE...

If you know that iPscaling is what you need ... and I think you do ... then what are you waiting for? 

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How do I startup a new business or launch a new product or service?

In order to figure out if your idea is actually going to work, it’s essential that you share it with people. -- Joel Gascoigne, CEO, Buffer

Joel Gacoigne is correct. You have to talk with customers or potential customers to determine if your idea has merit. Is it something that your customers want and will pay for?

If you share everything with everyone, what's to keep someone from stealing your ideas?

Catch 22?

No. There is a proven way to protect your "secret sauce" BEFORE sharing your recipe.

I call it iPscaling OPG

Chris Paradies

  • Florida Bar certified IP
  • US reg. patent attorney
  • startup course facilitator
  • board chair, Tampa Bay Innovation Center
  • 2014 Tampa Bay Region Volunteer of the Year, Florida Economic Development Council

Hi, Chris Paradies here. I'm an advocate for small business owners and have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get started right.

I "invented" the process that I call iPscaling. It's a proven process that works for any innovator or creative entrepreneur. 

As a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney, I've seen entrepreneurial "horror" stories that could have been avoided. 

I'm a facilitator for a business canvas program that helps startups get started right. Have been for years. I'm also the board chair for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center, a regional incubator.

My work with startups has given me a unique perspective as an IP attorney. 

I know how to discover your secret sauce. I'm good at it.

iPscaling is MY secret sauce.

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Very Easy To Follow

A lot of hard work has been put into these videos! I am very grateful...

--James Doyle

iPscaling's own protect grow® process is an investment that keeps on paying, year after year.

Want to hire employees and 1099's without worrying that your IP will be stolen? 

Want to work more ON your business and less IN your business? This is the #1 factor that will scale your business the fastest.

Freeing yourself to do what's important, and what only you can do, will you grow your business revenue. It will also grow your satisfaction and enjoyment, as you see your efforts paying off.


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Yes, I'm an attorney. So, I want to be aware of the following disclaimers.
*Victoria and Victor are fictitious names, and the stories are simplified composites of real stories that Chris Paradies uses in his training to clarify important points.
**Limited time offer -- price subject to change at any time -- additional fees and costs are required for filing state and federal registrations of USPTO fees and copyrights, secretary of state fees, and other out of pocket costs. You should expect that the investment in your business will be ongoing even though you can avoid most attorneys' fees by filing your own applications, if you choose to.
Paradies® law is a separate law firm and Chris Paradies is a Florida Bar certified IP attorney & US registered patent attorney. However, Paradies IP Solutions LLC, which offers the iPscaling program, is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or legal services. The opinions of Chris Paradies and his firm are their own.
There is no attorney-client relationship established by enrolling in iPscaling.  MORE...

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