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Proven iPscaling Process Puts Your IP to Work Growing Your Business! 


If you own a small business or you are thinking about starting one, then you're an entrepreneur, and you change lives.

Employees enjoy working at small businesses more than big corporations (according to an AFLAC survey and my personal experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs).

Entrepreneurs change their own life, their family's lives, their employees lives and even the lives of their customers, by focusing on providing value to their customers.

Unfortunately, I see entrepreneurs, even some serial entrepreneurs, making the SAME #1 Mistake, over and over again!

Chris Paradies
IP authority

What is the #1 Mistake that I've seen entrepreneurs make as a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney?

Serious entrepreneurs find a way. It's a "can do" mindset. That's great!  (most of the time)

Don't have enough seed capital?  Start smaller!

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do exactly this as a small business advocate and startup facilitator. 

That's my advantage, the thing that distinguishes me from other IP attorneys! I understand entrepreneurs.

Let's get back to the #1 Mistake though... 

Consider Victor and Victoria.* After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I can tell you these stories are way too common. 

Victor's got a great niche product that solves his customers most important problem, the thing that keeps them up at night, without forcing the customer to make any costly changes to its own processes.

After countless hours of Victor's time and investing his entire family's savings, it's finally getting some traction.

All his hard work is finally paying off!

Victoria's consulting business 10 X's her successful business customer's profits. She's figured out how to scale it.

She finally had her first $100k month last month. Actually, she made $115,000.

Victoria WAS on cloud nine!

When asked, Victor and Victoria say they don't have any intellectual property, well, nothing of value anyway. 

Both have heard about IP, of course, and knew trademarks, patents, copyrights and stuff like that could be important.


Victor was tight on funds starting out. He says he didn't have the money. He thought he could put it off... 

Victor thought about patents but heard how expensive it can be. 

Victoria was busy. She just couldn't find the time to do anything about IP, and she didn't have a clue about how to start.

Honestly, Victoria didn't think she had any IP.

Sure! Victoria was giving her clients great VALUE through her know-how and proprietary processes, but ... 

What happened?

Victor received a letter in the mail this week from his biggest competitor. We'll call them Bigco.

He's not sure what it means or why Bigco would even be interested in his small business and its product.

Victor's heart sinks when he reads the last paragraph. It's clearly a threat to sue him, for some type of "infringement" if he doesn't stop selling his product immediately. 

Victor doesn't have the money to defend against a big lawsuit. He doesn't even have the $50,000 that a Big Law firm is asking for a retainer.

"What am I going to do?" Victor asks, shaking his head in despair. The reward for all his efforts seems to be slipping away.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  -- Benjamin Franklin

Victoria's 'employee' (we'll call her Jane Dare) "...just up and quit a few months back...," as Victoria puts it.

Jane was Victoria's first hire after Victoria's consulting business took off. 

Victoria was so busy, and she needed someone she could rely on. Jane was perfect!

Today, one of Victoria's most loyal customers told Victoria that Jane Dare solicited their business, at a price point lower than Victoria's.

The customer asked, "wasn't she working with you?" 

Victoria feels sooooo ... Betrayed!

She asks, "what can I do?"

You see, Victoria's been noticing that some less loyal customers have cancelled Victoria’s services this month, early, without giving any reason.

New customers seem to be drying up too.

Protect your "secret sauce" BEFORE sharing your recipe. -- Chris Paradies

Don't get stuck between Rock Dr. and Hard Pl.

Both Victor and Victoria made the SAME #1 Mistake! Did you catch it?

Both face entirely different (but equally tragic) outcomes. 

Imagine if Victor had known about Bigco...

He could have tweaked his product and its packaging...

No way would Victor have been surprised by this letter!

And Victoria...

What If Victoria had identified her "SECRET SAUCE" and had protected it, BEFORE sharing her Recipe with Jane Dare.

Would Jane have quit to start a competing consulting business?

Jane would have known that Victoria's lawyers could just close her down!

iPscaling prevents prevent tragic outcomes, without resorting to lawsuits.

And increases business value by up to 400%.

I could list 37 different tragic outcomes, and ALL are the result of this SAME #1 Mistake! What mistake?

Failing to OWN the Secret Sauce BEFORE sharing the Recipe.

If only the Victors and Victorias understood what made their business unique, valuable and profitable; took action to protect this value; and invested in growing it.

I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to discover, protect and grow the value of their "intangible" assets. These intangible assets can be protected as valuable intellectual property, which is commonly referred to as IP. 

I call this proven process iPscaling, and it adds real value to a company's balance sheet.

The most valuable assets of businesses in our "age of innovation" are intangibles, and all intangibles, whether protected or left vulnerable, are a type of intellectual property or "IP" in the broadest sense.    


Intangible Assets (IP) Dominate

Only in the sectors of utilities, energy and materials do tangible assets amount to more than half of the total assets, referred to as total enterprise value (TEV).

IP is "Intangible" but the Value is Real

In this "age of innovation" the percentage of intangible assets of companies listed on the S&P 500 has increased from 17% in 1975 to 84% in 2015. 


Do you THINK you OWN your company's most valuable assets? 

If your company's innovation is just average for the S&P 500, then its intangible assets are worth 4 times as much as its tangible assets.

Are you like Victor and Victoria, focusing on customers, products and revenue to the exclusion of all else?

Every innovator or creative entrepreneur that has ever found SUCCESS (or will find it) has something SPECIAL.

That something special is what I refer to as "SECRET SAUCE". We can find yours.

Knowing and protecting your secret sauce makes the difference between wildly SUCCESSFUL businesses and the wannabe's, also rans and pretenders.

Your secret sauce delivers VALUE to your customers.

Your secret sauce is PROTECTABLE!

It's easy, if you know how.

iPscaling's own protect grow® process

The proven process that I refer to as own protect grow® starts with discovery.

Together, we will find out what your "secret sauce" is.

It's not always obvious, and too many entrepreneurs miss it.

Don't trade your time for money.

If you're an entrepreneur, then you're building a brand, whether that brand is personal, company, product or service focused.

You don't want to be just trading your time for money. You're building something bigger than yourself!

iPscaling may be thought of as a three-step process:

  • OWN: identify the "secret sauce" & capture its value as a core asset.
  • PROTECT: build a hedge of protection around this core asset using IP.
  • GROW: harness this core asset & watch your business GROW!


iPscaling does the heavy lifting, driving sales growth.

Want to have customers knocking down your doors (figurativley - not literally). 

Or do you want to know some alternatives to iPscaling? GO HERE...

If you know that iPscaling is what you need ... and I think you do ... then what are you waiting for? 

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How do I startup a new business?

In order to figure out if your idea is actually going to work, it’s essential that you share it with people. -- Joel Gascoigne, CEO, Buffer

Joel Gacoigne is correct. You have to share your idea with others, but if you share everything, what's to keep someone from stealing your ideas?

Catch 22?


There is a proven way to protect your "secret sauce" BEFORE sharing your recipe.

It's called iPscaling!

Chris Paradies

  • Florida Bar certified IP
  • US reg. patent attorney
  • startup course facilitator
  • board chair, Tampa Bay Innovation Center
  • 2014 Tampa Bay Region Volunteer of the Year, Florida Economic Development Council

Hi, Chris Paradies here. I'm an advocate for small business owners and have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get started right.

I "invented" the process that I call iPscaling. It's a proven process that works for any innovator or creative entrepreneur. 

As a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney, I've seen entrepreneurial "horror" stories that could have been avoided. 

I'm a facilitator for a business canvas program that helps startups get started right. Have been for years. I'm also the board chair for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center, a regional incubator.

My work with startups has given me a unique perspective as an IP attorney. 

I know how to discover your secret sauce. I'm good at it.

iPscaling is MY secret sauce.

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A lot of hard work has been put into these videos! I am very grateful...

--James Doyle

iPscaling's own protect grow® process is an investment that keeps on paying, year after year.

Want to hire employees and 1099's without worrying that your IP will be stolen? 

Want to work more ON your business and less IN your business? This is the #1 factor that will scale your business the fastest.

Freeing yourself to do what's important, and what only you can do, will you grow your business revenue. It will also grow your satisfaction and enjoyment, as you see your efforts paying off.

Sure, it'll show up in your profits, but it will also show up in our Life.


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