What's your intellectual property score?

Did you know that there are different types of entrepreneurs?

The type of entrepreneur usually correlates with the type of business launched by that type of entrepreneur but not always. 

The value of intangibles changes with business type. That means different intellectual property is needed to protect it, usually, with different priorities about what's most important. 

That's why I created a FREE QUIZ to determine your iP score.

Your iP score can help determine what "intangibles" are most valuable in your business and what "iP" is needed to scale the value of those intangibles. Scaling iP is what iPscaling is all about. With iPscaling, you can 5X business value!

What will "scale" (or add value) to your business most quickly? Take our FREE QUIZ and find out your iP score, get a customized report, and watch a free training madefor you. 

Discover your iP score.
Instantly access detailed analysis of how to best implement the Concertina principle for your iPscore.

One size does not fit all!

Too many invention promotion schemes, online legal services and even well-meaning patent attorneys lump everyone together.

If you go to a patent attorney, are you're likely to leave thinking you need a patent? (You probably don't.) 

Click the button below to take your FREE QUIZ, and get your intangible property score (iPscore), find out what it means, and learn how it can help build business value right away with a few simple tweaks, perhaps. 

Chris Paradies is a US registered patent attorney and Florida Bar Certified iP attorney. He's the creator of the iPscaling method, the Concertina principle, and "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Owning Everything," which help owners of businesses build real, sustainable value, and owner of Paradies law, an iP law firm.

Hi, I'm Chris Paradies, an advocate for business owners, U.S. registered patent attorney, and Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney. 

For two decades, I've been helping businesses scale iP, without worrying about losing value in "intangibles". 

What are intangibles?

An intangible asset is "not a tangible asset" (perfectly circular logic). It's not something you can touch or hold.

But intangibles have REAL value!

Intangibles make up more than 80% of the value of companies listed on the S&P 500...

...but many small business owners don't even consider intangibles when placing a value on their business.

That's a mistake.

"Intellectual Property"or "iP" protects and grows the value of your intangibles.

Now, iP can be just as confusing as the intangibles it protects but not anymore...  

Trade Secrets, Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks are examples of iP that can be used to capture and grow the value of intangibles. But naming these type of iP doesn't end the confusion for far too many entrepreneurs.

(And it's OK to be confused about iP right now, if that describes you. We've got you covered.) 

I'm also a scientist with a Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), a graduate of West Point, and a veteran. (You'll learn why all of these are important to you when you take the FREE QUIZ.)

I've created a way for business owners to determine their iP score.

It takes only a few moments and could change your life. Really!


Imagine 5Xing business value quickly without spending tens of thousands on lawyers.

Could that perhaps help with raising money from investors or securing a loan from a bank or the SBA?

Yes! It could make a huge difference, also, if you ever decide to sell your business or if you just want to receive royalties paid for use of your iP. Would that change your life?

Knowing your iP score makes it easier to identify what types of iP are a good fit for your business. 

Also, it'll help avoid mistakes that KILL the value intangibles.

Why risk losing 80% of your business' value?

One simple mistake can cost some entrepreneurs everything! 

Ignoring 4/5ths of the value of your company just doesn't make sense. Right?

So get your iP score now!

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